speaker highlights 2024 Deliverability Summit Speakers

All Speakers are Subject To Final Confirmation

Andrew Bonar

co-founder, Emailexpert

Tobias Knecht

CEO & Founder, Abusix

Raymond Dijkxhoorn

Co-Founder, SURBL

LB Blair

Head of Deliverability, Managing Partner, Email Industries

Daniel Thorpe

Head of Deliverability, Spotler Group

Maarten Oelering

Partner, CTO, Postmastery

Steve Tuck

Senior Solution Architect, Halon

Pierre Pignault

CEO, MailSoar

Yves-Marie Le Pors-Chauvel

Email Marketing and Delivery Specialist, Postmastery

Udeme Ukutt

Email Deliverability Manager (TPM), Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Willem Stam

Partner, Postmastery

Laura Atkins

Owner, Word to the Wise

Alex Irimia

Email Deliverability Associate, Postmastery

Jacco Bouw

Partner, Webpower China

David Harris

CEO & Founder, GreenArrow

Mike Hillyer

Co-Founder, Kumo MTA

Adrian Patel

CEO & Founder, MailMonitor

Kevin Steba

Co-Founder, SEINō

Kieran Cooper

Director, Technical Account Manager, Bird


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