Zach Labenberg

Vice President of Client Strategy, DMi Partners

Zach has been developing innovative and effective email strategies at DMi Partners for some of America’s leading consumer brands since 2011. Specializing in building subscriber acquisition campaigns, he has championed approaches that allow brands to achieve their list growth goals without jeopardizing engagement rates.
Focused on promoting client growth by uncapping the potential of their email marketing programs, Zach excels at engineering opt-in campaigns that allow brands to significantly expand their marketing reach and best communicate with their target audience.
Even as the email medium continues to expand, many brands struggle to implement an acquisition strategy that can accomplish scale, quality and consistency. Zach’s mission is to design and implement innovative solutions to solve this predicament. The culmination of these efforts are highly accountable programs to help clients establish an immediate proof-of-concept, including a revolutionary Cost Per Lead structure that allows brands to budget to the exact spend needed to achieve their subscriber growth goals.
The acquisition campaigns engineered by Zach are closely integrated with our client's email service providers to ensure that new investments yield immediate, provable value that help brands maximize their ability to acquire new, engaged email subscribers.
At a Glance
Disciplines: Email Marketing, Database Acquisition

  • Developing high-volume, sustainable email opt-in channels that deliver on proportional engagement growth
  • Ensuring that DMi acquisition campaigns achieve client engagement KPIs without going over budget
  • Providing the marketing experts at DMi opportunities to grow professionally and improve their ability to deliver best-in-class service

    Education: Temple University