Yuli Azarch

CEO, Entrepreneur, Investor, RapidSeedBox

A seasoned CEO, Entrepreneur & Investor with over 15 years of experience in the eCommerce/SaaS/IT sectors leading mission driven companies.

My core competencies are in growth hacking, strategy and finances. Passionate about IPv6, IT connectivity, and a strong understanding of customer needs to serve the market.

12:05 - 12:30 AM

12 April Friday

Navigating the Future of Email Delivery: Enhancing Deliverability and Mitigating Risks with IPv6 Infrastructure

In this insightful 25-minute conference talk, Yuli Azarch provides an in-depth examination of the "IPv6 and Email: Crafting the Future of Deliverability." Yuli investigates the importance of IPv6 globalization and how it impacts our email communication systems. He unveils detailed information about the readiness of internet service providers for IPv6 traffic, the extent of IPv6 support by email service providers, and the critical role of appropriate IPv6 configuration in email deliverability. He also discusses noted challenges in adopting IPv6 and introduces a list of IPv6-friendly domains. The discussion elaborates on the cost-effectiveness and heightened security benefits that IPv6 delivers over IPv4. Yuli imparts to his participants the risks of ignoring the transition to IPv6 and concludes his talk by sharing real-life examples of successful and unsuccessful IPv6 implementations.

Yuli Azarch, CEO & Co-Founder, RapidSeedBox