Veronika Šklíbová​

Currently Email consultant for Notino

Veronika was Head of CRM and email marketing of Notino for almost 5 years, her biggest interests being the data and magic of email automation. Prior to joining Notino, she had worked at an email marketing agency. Now she is on maternity leave with the latest of her projects – a baby boy. Being an email marketing enthusiast, she still helps Notino as a consultant during this little break.

16:15 - 16:45

June 2 Main Stage

The sweet-scented email list of Notino

Join two Notino email leaders to learn how they dealt with the neverending question of list hygiene

Veronika Šklíbová, currently on maternity leave, will follow on the successful lectures at the Email Evolution Conference 2021 and Inbox Expo 2022, where she spoke about a massive database cleanup that did not impact revenues. Learn how, as a marketer, Veronika came to the decision to participate in such an uncomfortable action, how she convinced company leadership, and the criteria that helped her.

Dominika Langová, the Lead of Mailing in Notino, will pick up speaking about the automation of this successful project and about turning the database cleanup into an ongoing campaign. She will share the state of the project as well as the huge potential this campaign provides.

Together, they will offer the history, present, and future of the email list hygiene in Notino.