Udeme Ukutt

Email Deliverability Manager (TPM), Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Email Deliverability Manager, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Keynote Speaker. Email Deliverability, Strategy & Policy. Email Geek! ex-LinkedIn, ex-Yahoo!

A seasoned, results-driven engineering thought leader with over 17 years of experience managing high-volume email delivery system health, spearheading email compliance & best practices - at individual contributor, manager & director levels. I have demonstrated strategic cross-functional expertise in deliverability efforts, brand protection, internet standards, anti-spam legislation requirements, and more.

13:35 - 14:10 PM

12 April Friday

Proactive Reputation Management

Not waiting to be listed. What are the approaches an ESP or SaaS provider can take to mitigate abuse from their network?

From pre-onboarding vetting, proper sender management, pre-flight checks before sending a campaign what are the ways to reduce senders on your network creating delivery delays or worse still getting you listed?

Moderated by:
Udeme Ukutt, Email Deliverability Manager & TPM, AWS

Raymond Dijkxhoorn, CEO, SURBL
Tobias Knecht CEO & Founder, Abusix
Steve Tuck, Senior Solution Architect, Halon