Sergey Syerkin

Deliverability Evangelist, Netcore

Sergey Syerkin dedicated more then 12 years to Deliverability and Email Compliance space with different companies. Work with clients to resolve block, blocklist, delivery, bad sending reputation issues, etc. Established a strategic relationships with the ISPs and Blocklist providers. Educate clients with best sending practices and create a clear plan for a successful long-term delivery success. Experienced in both support and management roles. Have an expert level knowledge on email platforms including MTA configurations such as Postfix, PowerMTA and Momentum (Message Systems), MailerQ, DNS setup and email authentication.

13:00 PM - 13:35 PM

9th June 2021 Europe

Deliverability A spotlight on Europe Keynote

An overview of how deliverability is different in Europe than other countries. What are some important do’s and don’ts for email marketers in Europe to get great deliverability.

16:00 PM

9th June 2021 Europe

Best Practices and Email challenges in EU: Fire side chat

What are the best practices to follow for an email sender in EU? The deliverability minefields they should avoid this year according to the leading anti-spam agencies of Europe.