Peter Cholnoky

CEO, e-hawk
14:00 - 14:45

June 2 Main Stage

Revolutionising the ESP Journey: Mastering Vetting & Onboarding for Unrivalled Success

Join our panel of experts as they delve into the importance of effective vetting and onboarding for SaaS-based martech platforms, ESPs, ISPs and others. Discover how proper client vetting and seamless onboarding experiences can significantly impact client satisfaction, platform reputation, and deliverability standards. Learn about the power of collaboration across vendors, platforms, and service providers in ensuring success.

Our panelists will share best practices and considerations for comprehensive client vetting, including assessing clients' email marketing practices, history, and compliance with data privacy regulations. They will also discuss strategies for enhancing the onboarding experience, such as establishing clear expectations, providing tailored training, and facilitating communication between clients and relevant partners.

Explore the role of automation and tools in streamlining the vetting and onboarding processes, with insights on leveraging technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness. And finally, engage in a panel discussion from diverse industry perspectives, sharing best practices, challenges, successes, and opportunities for further improvement and partnership in the vetting and onboarding experience. Don't miss this informative and collaborative session at The Deliverability Summit!