Maarten Oelering

Partner, CTO, Postmastery

IT consultant with 18 years of experience in software- and systems development. Performed many roles such as software engineer, IT architect, project manager, development manager and CTO. Worked for various software and systems integration companies, from small internet startups to international enterprises (Philips and IBM). During the last 10 years, developed a unique expertise on email applications, including email marketing applications, outbound email infrastructure and deliverability.

10:30 - 11:15

12 April Friday

What is up with Email Analytics

Martina Lipp, International Marketing Executive | xDisney, xDollar Shave Club, xNespresso, Marketing Consultant and Advisor, Martina Lipp Consulting

Adrian Patel-Delaloye, Founder & CEO, MailMonitor
Sandy Kartopawiro, CEO & Co-Founder, SEINō
Maarten Oelering, CTO/Partner, Postmastery

15:55 - 16:55 PM

11 April Thursday

MTA Deep dive with leading vendors

Panel discussion, led by Maarten Oelering from Postmastery, between some leading MTA vendors.
Learn more about the state of the MTA landscape in 2024, and take a closer look at GreenArrow, Halon, PowerMTA and KumoMTA.

Maarten Oelering, Partner, CTO, Postmastery
David Harris, CEO & Founder, GreenArrow
Barry Abel, Chief Revenue Officer, Halon
Mike Hillyer, co-founder, KumoMTA
Kieran Cooper, Director, Technical Account Manager, Bird