Adrian Patel

CEO & Founder, MailMonitor

Adrian Patel is an entrepreneur in the software and nutraceutical industries. His passion is removing obstacles between people and their health, as well as helping companies effectively reach their audience. He has been a key figure in the formation, development, execution and acquisition of a wide variety of startups across multiple industries. Adrian’s passion and drive formed during an unconventional childhood and adolescence that unfolded between Wyoming, India and Bali. Born to an Indian immigrant father dedicated to the yogi path and a first generation Polish-American mother with a passion for global travel, herbalism and Balinese orchestra, Adrian has a rich diversity of experiences abroad and in the world of alternative spirituality and medicine. At the age of 22, Adrian chose experience over finishing his business degree and helped build a high tech startup that reached revenues of $60 million dollars and was later acquired by a publicly traded company. Today Adrian spends his time growing several businesses and enjoying the bounty of the open road while he spends summers roaming the Rockies, spending time in nature, visiting friends, and watching his niece and nephew grow up in the wilderness of Montana.

10:30 - 11:15

12 April Friday

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