Deliverability Summit Speaker Instructions

You are Awesome The Best Appreciated 

Thanks so much for agreeing to take part in the Inaugural 2020 Deliverability Summit.  You may know that we are broadcasting the event on Hopin and even be familiar with the platform. It is important to note panelists, speakers and presenters will NOT need to login to hopin to make presentations. You will join us in our studio and from there we will broadcast your presentation to the hopin Main Stage.


Wait, what stop, WTH does all this mean? Ok relax, we will send you a calendar invite with a link to our studio. It is painless. However to make sure you get off on the best foot we put together detailed instructions of what is involved. 

Speaker Instructions

Follow this guide to understand what is involved in getting yourself up on the main stage at the Deliverability Summit.

It provides all the information to make sure you can have a successful presentation.

As Soon As Possible

  • Please review the site and advise if there are any issues with your profile, picture, bio, links.
    Provide any updates so we can make sure your details on site are correct.
  • If you are presenting a session or hosting a panel please ensure the details are correct.
    If not then please supply the details for your session or the panel your hosting ASAP.
  • Let us know if you have any questions or concerns

Before the broadcast

Make sure you have the following:

  • A laptop or desktop with a webcam and mic.
  • A recent version of  Chrome or Firefox.
  • A strong internet connection.
    Just like Skype, we must have a strong internet connection for this to work well.

Pro Tips

  • If possible, connect to your router with an ethernet cable instead of using WiFi.
  • Ensure you are not sharing the internet with someone else also streaming a webinar, Netflix, PS5 Call of Duty etc
  • Highly recommend wearing earbuds or headphones to prevent audio echoes.

Mobile Phone Only? Some Requirements & Limitations

If you don’t have a laptop or desktop, then you can join on your phone.
This is recommended as suitable backup option only for panelists.
You cannot share your presentation if using your mobile.
On Android, you must use the Chrome browser.
On iOS, you must use Safari.

Joining the broadcast

When the time comes, follow these steps below to enter the broadcast studio:

We will send you a calendar invite with a link before Deliverability Summit.
Shortly before it comes time for your show to go live click the link and you’ll be taken to the Deliverability Summit broadcast studio hosted at StreamYard.

Click Allow StreamYard to access your camera and mic.

Make sure you have the correct camera and mic selected.Let us know if you have any questions or concerms

Speaker entrance settings

Enter a display name. Use your actual name or the name of your brand.
Then enter the studio.

We will be informed that you’ve arrived. Do not worry you won’t be part of the Deliverability SUmmit broadcast until we are all ready for you to go live.

The page we sent to will update to let you know when you’ve been added.
Then everyone will be able to see and hear you. This will be your time to shine!

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is an awesome way to present a deck, slideshow or show a video.
You can share images, videos, PDFs, and more.

Screen sharing works best when you have two monitors – two monitors make it easy to click from slide to slide while you maintain your desktop and the app on seperate monitor. It is not essential, but a recommended pro tip.

How to Screen Share

  1. In the broadcast studio, there’s a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Click the “Share Screen” button. Your guests have this option as well. Screen Share Button
  2. The screen sharing tips will pop up on screen. Click the blue “Share Screen” button.
  3. Another popup will appear with three options:
    • Your Entire Screen: Shares your entire desktop screen
    • Application Window: Lets you choose one application at a time; great for sharing a powerpoint or keynote.
    • Chrome Tab: Lets you share ANY file from your computer in a Chrome Tab. Open a new tab, drag the file into Chrome from your computer desktop or folder. Your cursor displays a little ‘+’ sign if the action is successful. This is the best way to share audio Screen Share Selection

    NOTE: To share audio from your screen you MUST click the “Share Audio” button.

  4. Then click Share, and your screen will be added to your show. Use the layout buttons under the screen to change how the screen appears alongside you and your guests. Click the tile that lights up blue to REMOVE the screen share

Nely and Andrew