Bullsh*t Free Event Outcomes or Why You NEED to Attend DELIVERABILITY SUMMIT TAKE AWAYS

What Metrics Matter?

When it comes to monitoring your email delivery and deliverability what are the metrics that really matter. Use metrics already available to you to identify if you have hidden delivery issues.

Who are the Vendors?

What are the tools and resources that deliverability experts and consultants use to diagnose delivery problems and asses opportunities for improvement. Many of the best tools are completely free.

What to Ask

When it comes to switching vendor what are the essential questions to ask when it comes to assessing their deliverability capabilities and ensure the best transition whoever you choose.

Growing your list safely

Does size really matter? When does it it matter and why? Having addressed these questions let us look at tried, tested ways to grow your list the right way. Uncover the secrets to doubling your list.

Dealing with being blocked

 Many legitimate marketers who thought they were doing the right thing find themselves listed. How to avoid the blocklist and what to do when you find yourself on one.

Improving Deliverability

You can rarely get 100% Inbox, 100% of the Time at 100% of ISP’s. However you can learn the steps taken by one sender to get to consistent 99.99% inbox placement at Gmail. No sorcery

Privacy in a New Era

As well as keynote presentations covering the ins and outs of GDPR, CASL, LGPD and how a host of new regulations apply to your email program. Know the risks of global legislation and how they impact your program wherever you are.

Question Time!

We will assemble a panel of leading deliverability experts from across the globe and take your questions submitted ahead of time and live on the day from select delegates. Lets deal with your burning questions and issues.

Facetime with Experts

(Platinum Pass Holders Only)
Connect directly with many of our expert speakers and panelists in zoom style group discussions addressing questions and concerns specific to your program.