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Tejas Pitkar

Product Marketing, Netcore

Udeme Ukutt

Postmaster, Linkedin

Kath Pay

Founder, Holistic Email Marketing

Andrew Bonar

Founder, emailexpert

Matt Vernhout

Deliverability, Netcore

Alice Cornell



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Raymond Dijkxhoorn

Founding Member, SURBL

Guy Hanson

VP, Customer Engagement, Validity

Zakir Shaikh

Founder & CEO, StopSpoof

Priyanka Roy

Director, Customer Success N.Europe at Validity Inc.

Chaitanya Chinta

Global Head - Email Business at Netcore, Cofounder & Deliverability Guy at Pepipost

Sandra Schubert

Email Strategist, Validity

Sophie Jean

Senior Email Strategist, Validity

Simon Forster

Director, Spamhaus

Atro Tossavainen

Founder, Partner, Anti-Spammer, Koli-Lõks OÜ

Rob McEwen

Founder & CEO, invaluement

James Hoddinott

Director, Security Operations, Cloudmark Products, Proofpoint

Antony Humphreys

Product Owner - Email, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

Balasubbhramaniyam Ayyaswaami

Head of Online Business, Pepipost by Netcore

Christopher Marriott

President & Founder, Email Connect LLC

Jim Tinney

VP of Sales & Marketing, FreshAddress, LLC

Luke Glasner

Email Marketing Consulting & Analysis, Glasner Consulting

Riaz Kanani

CEO & Founder, Radiate B2B