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Questions about London Answered

Where should I book a hotel?

No need to break the bank attending Deliverability Summit.


Local Hotels
There are a selection of hotels within a 10 minute walk or less from the venue.

The 'official' venue hotel is the Jurys Inn Central Croydon. A modest 4 star hotel.
A business class 3 star hotel is the Travelodge and just ten mins from the official hotel on foot

There is also the 'Easy Hotel' a budget option perfectly fit for purpose, but extremely basic.

Central London
If you want more time to explore central London. We recommend you book a hotel near London Bridge station as this will allow you to explore London and travel to the event venue and social activities with releative ease.  

International Chains
If you want a bit more luxury without straying too far from the venue we suggest the Hilton.

Hilton London Croydon 

What are the Cov Protocols for London?

International travellers advised to take pre departure test and on arrival.
Daily Temperature checks.
We recommend wearing a mask in the lecture theatre.
Hand sanitiser will be made available. Additional protocols will be advised as per local authority requirements.

What is the situation with refunds for Covid?

We allow full credit transfer to a future event if you are unable to make it to this event due to covid.

Are there any sponsorship opportunities available?

Yes we have a limited number of opportunities available, please contact us.

Questions about Online answered

What platform do you use?

Hopin, read more at hopin.com

Will you share the email address I use to register with others?

Absolutely not.

Where can I view past content?


Where can I learn more about using Hopin?

Learn more here: https://support.hopin.com/hc/en-us/sections/360012110052--Attendees

Why do you charge for virtual entry?

We try and offset the considerable extra expenses that are incurred by making content available online. If we fail to raise enough through online ticket sales there is a risk future events will not be hybrid or at least not as extensive a range of content made available online.

If you want to see truly fresh, innovative and interesting content not driven by sponsor concerns or desires then it is essential you support online events like ours.

Are their any free tickets available?

We have a limited number of 100% bursaries and they are offered through third party organisations and programs,