Partner Program

Do you have an audience that places a high value on email deliverability?

Our affiliate program rewards you for advising your network of what is going to be a massively valuable day for all delegates.

Program is available by invitation. However you are welcome to apply below to to see if you qualify please apply below.

Benefits Include

  • 20% + commission on all sales 
  • Unique Discount Codes to share with your network
  •  Bonus payments for top converting delegates
  • Custom Landing Pages, Tracking URLs etc

Super Simple

  • We provide you creative you can use
  • We provide you a landing page to promote
  • We provide you discount codes to share
  • We automatically track all visits from your site


  • Direct to your nominated bank account in any location supported by STRIPE
  • Paypal payments optionally available
  • Payments released 28 days after summit 

Your Integrity

  • We only put on high quality events that deliver real value
  • We have a no nonsense refund policy for dissatisfied delegates (never had one) to ensure total satisfaction

Our Promise

  • No one at employed at emailexpert will participate in the program ensuring maximum opportunity for partners to earn referrals.
  • A pre registered free delegate, upgrading to a paid ticket from one of your links or referrals will still earn you full credit.
  • Even previous visitors are considered your conversion if they are thereafter referred by you and upgrade their ticket.
  • Cookies last 30 days so you will get credit for all any referrals that leave and come back at a later date.

Apply Below